Fast Fashion - What Really is it?

Author: Kyle MagriLast Updated: 3rd Feb 2018

“Fast Fashion” or in basic terms “The Trend”, is used mostly by mass production retailers to bring to mainstream consumers the latest collections and styles found on the latest season of fashion catwalk at a more reasonable price. Back in the 1980s it was known as “Quick Response”.

The leading retail on the fast fashion market is none other but ZARA. They definitely do a fantastic job in keeping us with the catwalk trends as they are ALWAYS up-to-date! They will also open the largest shopping mall in Europe in Malta sometime in Summer.

Let’s say this technique, it’s used especially so that the retailers make more profits. Selling trendy clothing at a more reasonable prices will make the sale amount of each item much higher so they make inspired styles at a lower price.

In the latest catwalks we have seen long coats, contrasting colours and bell bottom trousers making a huge hit this year, here is an example of two outfits from ZARA.

Fast Fashion

Going to the men’s section, we have seen once again that polo neck under something smart, this time under a checked coat. Checks are again a trend this winter! Last I have seen this style a trend was somewhere in 2015 if I’m not mistaken. I personally wore this style even before it became a trend as I do style myself different than the trend. Here is an example of this cool style again from ZARA.

Fast Fashion

Even though fast Fashion brings a lot of positive vibes it still has some negative ones. The major one is that certain retailers use cheap material to produce more amount leading consumers wasting money but hey, not every brand aims to see their consumers enjoying their clothing but all they see is money unfortunately we live in this type of world. From my side ZARA is definitely one of the best fast fashion retailers out there. Now you have an idea of what “Fast Fashion” means so next time you get into a conversation with someone you will know what to say! These items above price wise they are quite reasonable compared to the actual ones we have seen on the catwalk and I’m sure they will last even the winter of 2019 as fashion is moving to a lot of contrast and I got a feeling checked pattern will not leave us anytime soon!

This is all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed it and found it great to read and interesting!

Kyle Magri !